Pricing & Info

Custom Cake Pricing

Several factors account for final pricing of a custom cake. A cake price is determined generally by the amount of servings, the final design of the cake and flavor. Every cake we make is unique, every cake has its own price.
The designs posted on our gallery are only a few samples of our work, we have an in-store database with many more designs for all occasions. We also encourage customers to bring in any ideas and our talented cake designers can design a cake to your liking. We strongly suggest you make an appointment via email or phone.
In order to ensure your specialty cake is tailored to your liking, please see the following options and see which works best for you.
• Send an e-mail to including:
o Number of people you would like to serve
o Cake flavor and filling
o Date of your event
o Your contact information: NAME & PHONE NUMBER
o A picture of the cake you would like
*Please allow 2-3 business days for a response*

 • Make an appointment:
o Appointment Hours are Monday-Thursday 11am-5:30pm
o Talk directly to a cake decorator